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Proto 18 Inch Adjustable Wrench

This adjustable Wrench is a terrific example of the quality that extends made Proto his main line of products, the 18 Inch adjustability is terrific for a variety of tasks, from wrenching on vehicles to work and other various tasks. The black finish is sleek and terrific for any job.

Cheap Proto 18 Inch Adjustable Wrench

This is a new, adjustable Wrench from proto, it is an 718 adjustable Wrench 18 inches made in usa. It is produced of plastic and imparts a metal frame, it is designed for use with other wrenches, but can also be used with my current type of wrench, the Proto 618 adjustable wrench. It is in like manner a top-grade length for my current type of wrench, this Wrench can be used with both types of wrenches, this is a must have tool for somebody that needs to tighten things up. It is adjustable so that you can get a terrific fit, the black is a top-grade color to have on hand. This can be a sensational addition to your toolkit, this usa made Wrench is a top-notch upgrade for your old brown tool. It is basic to handle and can be customized to tailor your specific needs, the wrenches are medium to high quality and are precision c-clamps. They are made in the usa, this is a brand new 18 Inch adjustable wrench, made in the usa. It is a Proto wrenches that you can use to adjust and personalize your Wrench to suit your needs, it is moreover adjustable to a top-notch 6. 5 inches in height.